Treaty of Ximonosequi

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History of Corea
Treaty of Ximonosequi
The Corean Client Kingdom
The Chinese Interregnum of Corea
Post-War Corea
Twenty-first Century Corea

The Treaty of Ximonosequi and its aftermath were a critical point in the histories of Japan and Corea.

The point of divergence is the Treaty of Ximonosequi (Shimonoseki *here*). *Here*, Japan was forced to return the Liaodong Peninsula to China in the so-called Triple Intervention (Russia, Germany, France). *There*, Japan was able to save face by returning the Peninsula in name, but retaining a 25-year lease.

In the 25 years that they had control of the Liaodong Peninsula, Japan continued to increase their production base, exporting industrial procedures garnered from their factories near Corea, and from spies abroad.

Corea benefitted from this, with increased industry and production between Riugoñ and Kieñseñ, bringing jobs and increased buying power for the Corean peoples. During this period, King Kojoñ tried his best to balance the demands of Japan and the nations that bordered Corea to the north.

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