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We very much appreciate it that you are interested in the Ill Bethisad project. If you have any questions or comments about an article, you are welcome to place them on the corresponding talk page. For questions and comments of a more general character, please use Lla Dafern (our equivalent of Wikipedia's Village Pump). In both cases, do not forget to sign your message with ~~~~. We will do our best to answer you as faithfully as we can.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the project, please make sure that you are familiar with the world of Ill Bethisad as well as its design principles first. You can read more about that in More about IB and How It All Works. Once you have a clear idea of what we are doing here, please introduce yourself to us, either on the Conculture list or in Lla Dafern, and tell us what your ideas are. We will then review your proposal and see if it fits in, or what can be done to make it fit in.

We kindly ask you not to edit our articles until then. This wiki may look suspiciously much like Wikipedia, but the truth is that editing is pretty much restricted to members of the project. Feel free, however, to use the talk pages of articles or of individual group members, because that is what they are there for.

If you are merely passing by, then we hope our work will give you a lot of fun reading.

Best regards,
the IB Group

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