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Thanks for having Wilhelm a Tolkien fan! I have a vested interest in the theme, as you may know. If not, see here, and specifically here... Kyrmse 10:16, 3 November 2005 (PST)

You're welcome! I try to link my proposals to other parts of IB when I can figure out a way. And when I do a person, my preference is make that person somehow seem a little bit "alive." What do you think of giving Wilhelm a Xliponian queen? If they were wed when the war broke out, it might provide another little reason why Xliponia was not invaded (not enough by itself, but perhaps the one extra consideration in the wake of what happened with Mecklenburg). Zahir 10:40, 3 November 2005 (PST)
Maybe Matilda (of the House of Bailbiret), born 1919, an aunt of current King Rudolf III. You would have to change the reference to W.IV being single in 1949. And I'm sorry to hear he died of overindulgence in the halflings' weed... Kyrmse 11:01, 3 November 2005 (PST)
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