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I am confused by your use of the word "metropolitan." Does this refer to a person or a place or both. In the following sentence it seems to be used for both:

"Some time after the death of Timür, the nine Metropolitans of the Chinese Assyrian Church ((Including the original three Xi'an, Lanzhou and Nanjing) were directed by the Ming Emperor to journey to the Catholicos in Baghdaad..."

Who/What are Xi'an, Lanzhou and Nanjing. I was under the impression that they were place names. If they are the names of people then they can journey to Baghdaad. If they are the names of places, I can't see how they could journey to Baghdaad.

  • Here*, if the word refers to a person, it is used as is: The Archbishop of Baltimore is the metropolitan of the Diocese of Richmond.

If the word refers to a place, the word "see" is used with it: The Archdiocese of Baltimore is the metropolitan see of the Province of Baltimore which includes the Diocese of Richmond...." Caeruleancentaur 15:26, 17 July 2009 (UTC)

"Metropolitan" in my Assyrian Church/Church of the East usage is a title equivalent to Archbishop. In this particular instance, I was referring to the people who are filling the metropolitan sees ("metropolitanates" is the term I've been using) of Xi'an, Lanzhou and Nanjing. I think the confusion came in this instance with the metropolitans joirneying to Baghdaad in one breath followed by the reference to them by only the place-names of their respective sees. I guess I need to reword this sentence to make it scan better. Geoff 23:14, 17 July 2009 (UTC)
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