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I think its cool that people are doing alternative ideas of history, but there are some flaws here. In real history Spanish, then Germany, then Japan, and finaly US were the colonial powers. Any case Japan was not interested in Micronesia till after WW2, fact it does not mention Spanish or Germans in alternative history is not good. Have fun with alternative history, but be realistic.

We are!!! Who are you!? Get acquainted with the rest of IB before making such judgements!!! Germany and the Spains are quite different in IB!!! Germany is composed of several small statelets in IB, so it was not a colonial power. The Spains too are composed of smaller states compared to *here*. Finally, the USA does not exist in IB either. One very important thing to remember is that native Asian states, including Wa'ab and Japan, were more powerful in IB, which has made it more difficult for Europeans to extend any colonial control in the region. In Micronesia, Castila only managed to colonize Guam and held only nominal control of Palao. Boreanesia 13:07, 7 Sep 2005 (PDT)
Uh, dude, did you actually take time to browse here? And please, who are you? - Doobieous
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