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Stepping Down?

The only thing that really kinda screams out at me looking at this is the image of Nasser simply stepping down. I would think anyone who'd gone to the lengths he did and held onto political power so firmly would require more of a reason to leave office.

Some suggestions:

  • His health. Perhaps he no longer had the strength to continue at such a high-intensity job.
  • His private life. If he'd married late and now had children, or if his wife had recently died, or if he finally had grandchildren--all these are reasons a man might feel the need to change his life.
  • His ambitions. The article gives the impression the UAR was Nasser's idea. What if it was more than that? What if it was his life-long dream and the raison d'etre behind his career. Having that collapse could provide a motivation.
  • His lieutenants. Perhaps he was effectively forced out by a cadre of those around him, who realized he was the biggest stumbling block.
  • His long-range plans. Maybe he intended his "retirement" to be only temporary, but it ended up being permanent?

Or some combination of the above? I also do feel that we need a fully explanation why the dissolution of the UAR led to the Restoration of the Khedive. I know this was something I originally came up with, but I'm very willing to work hand-in-hand to figure something out that makes sense. Zahir 08:12, 16 May 2006 (PDT)

Very good points, Zahir. I will work on Nasser's end of carreer better so everything will fit with a good sense. Pedro Moderno

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