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Does Ecumenism exist *there* like it does here? BoArthur 11:54, 28 Feb 2005 (PST)

Ecumenism, in the sense of working towards reunification of the Universal Church, is certainly alive and kicking in IB. The Pope of Rome is actively seeking resolution of not only the 1054 Schism but also healing of various of the Protestant schisms of the 16th century. Even *here*, I think most or all of Luther's complaints have been resolved within the Catholic Church -- *there*, there have also been internal reforms so don't see why progress can't be made with the Lutherans and other Protestant churches who have remained fairly close to the CC in doctrine and practice. [Keep in mind that there ìs a Lutheran congregation that returned to Rome after reforms had been undertaken.]

There probably won't be much ground gained with the smaller independent churches -- too much difference in doctrine and practice. Other churches, like the LDS and JW, aren't even considered Christian, so I don't think anything would be done there either.

Ecumenism, in the sense of chatting with folks of different traditions and holding "interfaith" prayer services and all that with Buddhists and Hindus and Pagans probably does not happen to the same degree. Vatcian II never happened, and neither did some of the "liberalisation" of Catholic practice, so commingling with unbelievers is still something of a no-no.

I'm sure that quite a lot of collaboration in the areas of social justice and charitable works is done, however. That common ground is shared by just about any religion you care to name!


The only major complaint that hasn't been resolved within the Catholic Church is priestly marriage, at least *here*, and I'm assuming *there*, too. Nik 13:29, 1 Mar 2005 (PST)

The Byzantine Rite certainly allows for a married priesthood, as do the other eastern Rites, and I think the Cambriese pròbably does as well. That's one issue that was never really discussed, and I'll be bringing that one up in future. Who knows what a future Pope of Rome might decide on the matter...[PB]

For the record, I would like to add that while some may not consider the LDS church christian, our name and behavior says it all.  :) BoArthur

Name notwithstanding, the opinion is based on doctrinal understanding, which I do nòt claim to be an expert on. Nor is this the place to argue it! Needless to say, most ordinary people (*there* as well as *here*) would have no difficulty with the understanding that Mormons are a Christian sect just like any other. They might be seen as a bit secretive -- but that's no worse than the secrecy you find in, for example, the Vatican! [PB]

Modern Ecumenical history begins with the Edinburgh conference of 1910. It emerges out of the missionary efforts of the Protestant churches. At this point the involvement of the Catholic church was small compared to the churches of the Reformation and the Orthodox churches. It leads to organised communication among the established churches, the Faith and Order movement. If the same trends follow *there* then after GWII a similar body to the World Council of Churches would be formed. Without a Pope willing to risk approaching other churches there would not be any entente between Catholicism and the oldstream churches at the highest levels. - andrew.

Indeed -- perhaps the Pope of Rome can busy himself with Constantinople, Moscow and the HRE... and those three would keep anyone busy! Could be a fine opportunity for another headman of Catholicism, say the Patriarchal Abbot, to step up and be a bridge between the Catholic Church and other Christian churches in general. [PB]

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