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Formally known as the Territory South of the Ohio River, the Southwest Territory originally consisted all of Mobile and the Cherokee Nation above 32° 28′ north latitude prior to 1806.

In 1806, it was admitted as the Cherokee Nation. However, the territory West of the Tombigbee River was still technically part of the Southwest Territory, but still under Cherokee adimistration.

Later, the Cherokee Nation exchanged this territory for the part of English West Florida east of the Tombigbee, in order to gain a costal area.

In 1807, the area that covered what is now Tenisi was added throught the inclusion of the former District of West Carolina. Following a petition by the majority Kemerese population, that part of the territory became the province of Tenisi in 1812.

The Territory was finally abolished with the adimition of Mobile Province in 1819.

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