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Samurai Red follows the tale of a samurai warrior from ancient Japan who, while battling a mystic (Kataro), is launched into present day Quiòto. After the clear culture shock, he finds himself in an alley where some men are accosting a young woman. After using his sheathed katana to overcome the would-be evildoers (who later become stock background comedy, but never directly referred to again in the series), the Samurai declares that until such time that he can go back to his home, he will protect the girl he just saved, Riko. Not really sure what to make of her "savior," it becomes apparent that he is determined to protect her (usually resulting in some comedic scenes).

The series goes on following "Red," named after the color of wrap he uses for his katana's hilt, as he attempts to both protect Riko and and make his way back in time. Over the course of the series, the story arcs range from short comedic episode arcs to deep and thought-provoking. In the end, after a rather intense battle with the now vompire-ish Kataro that sent him to the future, he decides to remain in the modern day, much to the relief of Riko and their friends.

Samurai Red Movie

Set a year after the series ended, a new mystic (Jerana) from the past kidnaps Riko to use her to get back in time via an evil ritual. Red has to fight his way through Jerana's subordinates to get to Riko. The subsequent battle causes the ritual to fail, and Jerana is left heavily wounded, where it becomes revealed he had been possesed by the mystic Kataro. Riko takes pity on him. After coming to, he decides to search for another way to go back in time, and vows not to use any "vile rituals to mad spirits" in the process.

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