Pak Ol-Uañ

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Pak Ol-Uañ
Date of BirthMay 7, 1962
Place of BirthPusan, South Kieñsañ
Religious AffiliationBuddhist

Pak Ol-Uañ is the current president of the Confederationist Party of Japan.

Pak entered politics in 1984, campaigning for the Corean Nationalist Party. In 1992, he won a seat in the Corean Parliament. Three years later, he ran for the Imperial Parliament in the elections of 1995. He won in a closely-contested election. He changed parties in 1997, having come to believe that Corean interests were better served remaining within the larger Empire than as a sovereign state. He remains, however, sympathetic to the notion of Nissen.

Mr. Pak was elected Party President in 2000.

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