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A mid-sized city of the Haudenoshoni heartland, located at the confluence of the Susquehanna and Chenango rivers in Aquanishuonigy, NAL, about ten miles north of the border with Pennsylvaania.

North American League Postal Roads 11 and 13 pass through Otsiningo about halfway between *Scranton, Pennsylvaania, and Onondaga City, Aquanishuonigy.

Although much more than a college town, Otsiningo is well-known for its branch of the province's public university system. The Provincial University of Aquanishuonigy at Otsiningo, also known as Otsiningo University, is a highly-respected 'university center' of the system, which includes a number of other universities and community colleges throughout the province. Fans of the university's sports teams, the Bearcats, are known for their energetic cheer, "PUA PUA PUA-O!".

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