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edit Omnipresse-- 25.JUN.2008-- New Status for New Francy

(Quebec, New Francy) In a suprising move today, the Intendant of New Francy, Leonce Boucher, has announced some further changes for New Francy. First, to end the stalemate in the chamber of Patricians regarding the status of republic, the Intendant has decided to bypass the chamber's study commity and declare that from now on, New Francy would be officialy called in Francian "La République de la Nouvelle-Francie" ("A République da Francie-Neuve" in Laurentian).

The intendant also announced that both the flag and Coat of Arms would be changed to reflect the reality of modern New Francy. Using a sugar maple leaf, long used in the former intendancy as a republican symbol, the new symbols have cut ties with the past, eschewing the fleur-de-lys considered to be a royalist symbol.

Both moves come after months of agonising debates over the status of the former Intendancy. The monarchist Ducal Party said it would appeal the decision in the Superior Law Council as being against the Organic Laws which governed the New Francy.

(note: the new symbols can be seen on the wiki page of New Francy)


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