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edit The Star of Georgetown— 07.MAY.2008— Vasage in Louisianne? Bring on the mud!

There is now in the daily parlance of the Louisiannan, a new word, in his native French "vasage", which we might aptly translate as muddage, or the slinging about of mud. There is therefore hope for lagging Louisianna yet! Few estates are so key to the successful democratic government as the truly Free and Liberated Press. And few things interest a truly free and liberated press, during elections, as the naughty doings and misdeeds of those who are standing for office. Any perusal of the Louisiannan media of late will naturally bring to mind the old saw: 'They're happy as pigs in muck.' Thus, we offer our western cousins a hearty hip hip huzzah! [PB]

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edit IBAP— 17 Floréal CCXVI (7 May 2008)— Landrieau denies lesbian love-affair

Allegations were made by the Républicains Libres today against Marie Landrieu, suggesting that she had been involved in a lesbian love-affair for the past 30 years with actress Atlanta Wells. Pundits have immediately seized on this, citing the frigidity of the marriage between Landrieu and her husband, Frank Snellings, their adoption of two children, and the frequent taking of separate vacations.

The Loi Naturelle responded within the hour decrying this "flagrant and underhanded 'vasage' of their candidate." It was suggested by the Loi Naturelle spokesman, Michel d'Argile, that this was merely supposition by the Républicains Libres in an attempt to shift public focus from the infidelity of M. Baldi.

Landrieu and Wells were introduced during the filming of Antoinette, as part of the film took place in New Orleans, where her father was mayor. Landrieu and Wells, stated d'Argile, became fast friends and have maintained contact since then, but there has never been any sort of interaction beyond platonic friendship.

Ms. Wells' publicist refused comment. [DH]

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edit IBAP— 17 Floréal CCXVI (7 May 2008)— Louisianne: Let the Mudslinging begin!

Directed Mailings have virtually inundated the MPs of Saint-Onge, and even many of their constituents. The political parties of the Républicains Libres and the Loi Naturelle have both been sending mailings extolling the virtues of their candidates and smearing the failings of the candidates of the opposition.

While this sort of behavior is commonplace, the television and radio ads used in this campaign are a first for Louisiannans. Up until the Presidency of Jean-François Young strict controls of radio and television have prevented this "giclant de la vase," or as it has become known, "vasage" of public contenders for public office.

"Vasage", a term which roughly relates to mudslinging in English is the practice of casting doubt on a contender for office, but is more strictly controlled, and these allegations can only be made through direct mailings, television and radio by the political parties.

With the opening of the airwaves to this campaigning has created a stir among the citizens of the nation. "We don't want to hear this," said Pierre Flandin, citizen of LeCompte, to the west of Baton Rouge. "With the free press, we hear pretty much everything that the leaders do. It's not as if we expect them to be saints." When asked who he would vote for, were he in Parliament, he said, "I think they're both terrible. I don't like what the Loi Naturelle party stands for, but at the same time, I don't like the record of Monsieur Baldi. He's not called 'Le Pingre' for laughter's sake."

Other citizens were of the same feeling. When Emmelot Brock, Sous-Prefect of Loire-Neuf was approached regarding this issue, she stated flatly, "Direct mailings should be enough. It sickens me to see us resort to such poor political behavior as is found on either side of our borders."

Most politicians feel that the Loi Naturelle has largely caused this situation, with their forceful attacks against Baldi and his record. Had Landrieu's record been pushed to the fore, with her accomplishments only, the paper storm would likely not be so large.

Throw into the mix allegations of dalliances on the part of M. Baldi with a daughter of known Pegre crime boss "The Gambeaux," Sophie Gambeaux. These have been firmly denounced by Baldi, and his wife Aloïs Chavanoz has remained firmly supportive of her husband. [DH]

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