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edit New Intendant's Referendum - omnipresse

(Ville-Marie, NF) With only a few days left before monday's referendum to approve the choise of a new Intendant, the "No" camp (who oppose an elected Intendant) have staged a demonstration in downtown Ville-Marie to rival the monarchist event during the last referendum.

With speaker from various monarchist groups (although noticeably not the Action Monarchiste Party), the large outdoor meeting has attracted roughly a thousand demonstrators (according to organisors) under the slogan "Don't Touch My Intendant !".

A similar meeting, although attended by a larger crowd, was held by the Yes camp a few days ago in Quebec with the slogan "A New Intendant For a New Century"

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edit Polynesian United News Agency — 11.APR.2008 — Tokelauan offer: Tributary to two monarchs

SUVA — Tokelau's Envoy Extraordinary to Fiji, Pio Tuia, proposed today to the Fijian Parliament that Fiji grant his islands complete self-governing status under the O'ahuan Crown in return for regular tributary payments. The Parliament will consider the motion after recessing for the weekend. National Loyalist MP Momo na Tui Nasesevia told reporters, "Our government cannot be bought off so easily. Few MPs will approve the sale of our territory to some billionaire from Kanawiki." [BK]

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Polynesian United News Agency— 11.04.2008— Tolelau begins electricity rationing

FAKA'OFO -- Tokelau's Provisional Ministry of the Economy issued a directive today turning off electricity on all four Tokelauan atolls for eighteen hours each day. The Tulafono has struggled in recent months to pay for basic services since the Kingdom of Fiji eliminated all aid to its errant dependency. [BK]

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