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edit Polynesian United News Agency — 26.MAR.2008 — Report:Tokelau nearly bankrupt

FAKA'OFO — Tokelau's Provisional Government is extremely short on funds a month after assuming control of the islands' adminiatration, according to a statement made before the assembly by Finance Secretary Tesa Tui of Atafu. The financial straits have been caused by Fiji's complete stoppage of funds since the government began to meet, explained Tui. Since then, Tokelau has been paying for its own services, including post and ferry service to Samoa, Fiji, and Kiripati.

Tui advised the assembly to seek foreign investment in Tokelau's as-yet nonexistent tourist sector. The right to seek out such investment was one of the key points that drove Tokelau to seek greater autonomy last year. With the Fijian parliament refusing to consider any legislation from the provisional government, the battle of wills between the island groups does not seem to be approaching any kind of quick resolution.


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