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edit National News Corporation — 14.JAN.2008 — "Philly Gore's Death Drug Overdose"

NEW AMSTERDAM — The Crown Coroner's Office in Breuckelen announced premliminary findings in the death of actress-model Philadelphia "Philly" Gore. According to Dr. Quincey Madison, Gore had ingested a fatal combination of morphine and cocaine, generically known as a "Fastball." This is a potentially lethal combination under the best of conditions, with the cocaine's stimulant wearing off sooner than the morphine which slows down the heart. "Severe respiratory depression" was the result, according to Madison.
Gore, the only daughter of General Moderator Al Gore, Jr., had been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol in recent years and, upon questioning, the coroner admitted that alcohol was also present in her system. He also confirmed that convulsions almost certainly accompanied the overdose, which would appear to have been accidental. Madison emphasized this last, noting that the investigation was on-going.
The NAPD announced, in a parallel press release, that they are seeking several friends of Miss Gore as potential witnesses, including Andre Vaschon, grandson of reputed Pegre Duc Pierre Daille. Rumors that the two had dated have been reported in tabloids for over two years, reports both Gore and Vaschon denied (although admitting they moved in the same circles and had in fact met). Among other matters to be investigated, noted the NAPD release, is the source of the Fastball which killed Miss Gore. Cocaine is an illegal substance within Castreleon New as well as most of the NAL, while morphine generally requires a prescription.
Madison refused to answer questions about any sign of sexual activity, nor rumors that Miss Gore was pregnant at the time of her death. The NAPD press release likewise remained silent on these questions.
General Moderator Gore has reduced his appointments since the death of his daughter, with many activities instead being taken over by prominent members of the Cabinet including Foreign Secretary Ion Edwards and Minister of Justice Howard Provo. [DZ]
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