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edit OMNIPRESSE — 13.JAN.2008 — New Francy, a republic?

During a press conference called today, the New Republican Party, the Laurentian Republican Party and the Progressive Party have announced that they would field candidates jointly as members of the Radical Solidarity Coalition (RSC).
As part of their political platform, revealed during the same conference, the RSC has pledged that, if elected, they would hold a referendum on turning New Francy into a republic within a month of taking office.
The monarchist Ducal Party was quick to respond to the planned referendum by saying that none of the Organic Laws that govern the Intendancy would allow such a refenderum making it illegitimate from a legal point of view. Asked if they would boycott such a referendum, the Ducal Party Spokesman refused to answer what he deemed a purely hypothetical question. [MP]
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