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edit BBC World News, Caribbean Desk — 31.OCT.2007 — Some News is Good News

St. Augustine, East Florida — Early in 2007, the BBC sent several clandestine reporters into both the RTC and Irish ZOCs in war ravaged southern Florida in order to assess the current situation in those territories. News in general from the remaining occupied territories is scant at best, even from the more open Irish Zone, where the press is controlled but not suppressed the way it is in the RTC Zone. Thousands of pages of material (some written by Floridian underground journalists, most written by the BBC team) have been archived, the following of which is but a tiny sample. Of the six reporters sent into southern Florida, four have returned home; one was killed during an uprising in the Kissimee province; the other is suspected to have been imprisoned by RTC occupying forces on charges of espionage.  Read More...

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