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edit IBAP — 27.11.2006 — Conch Republicans Thinks of Battlegames

Because of the current Battlegames going on in North America, some Floridian areas are starting up amatuer Battlegame leagues. This is most apparent in the Conch Republic.
The area has had only a small Battlegame following until after the Florida War. Since, the area has seen a steady, but definite, rise in Battlegame popularity. As of now there are two "major" teams in the CR; the "Libertad", and the "Conchesa", both based in the capital, Cayo Ôso.
After talking to a few members and the team leaders, it was learned that the teams are based on two of the three major parties, the (in English) Freedom and Liberal parties. The Freedom party men are in team "Libertad," and the Liberals in "Conchesa". That day, we saw a close match of three-to-two, in favor of "Libertad."
IBAP then learned that the many in Cayo Ôso hope to see a team from Florida in the near future taking part in the continental Battlegames.[SP]
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