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edit June 18, 2006 — Kemrese Election

The initial results of the election in Kemr are now at hand.
The House of Commons in the Kemrese Senate representing 140 seats in the non-autonomous provinces.

The results at the end of Election day were:

Liberal 51 seats (an increase of two)
Conservative 31 seats (a decrease of ten)
Labour 27 seats (an increase of five)
National 9 seats (a decrease of two)
Freedom 7 seats (a decrease of two)
Communist 3 seats (a decrease of two)
Ecotopic 3 seats (a decrease of one)
still contested 5 seats.

The Liberal-Labour coalition government now holds half the seats in the Commons while the opposition. Conservative Party leader Dic Dewidd looks to be in a tenuous and unenviable position. He will have to seek the confidence of his remaining senators. On the far left the outbreak of rivalry between the Communist and Ecotopic Parties for the same votes has cost them the opportunity to strengthen their position in the Senate.[AS]
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