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edit RIGETS TIDENDE - Thursday, 09 October, 2003.

WILD ABOUT MARY; by Lisbeth Lumby Kajsdatter
COPENHAGEN -- People celebrated in the Amalienborg Slotsplads, the square at the Amalienborg palace complex, while we waited to wave our hands and yell hooray to the newly engaged couple. But we did not get a real kiss. "No, Mom, I couldn't see if she had tears in her eyes," said a young girl in her mobile phone while she left Amalienborg Slotsplads together with thirty thousand others at 12:10 yesterday.  Read More...
STUFF QUEENS ARE MADE OF; by Olav Hergel Rasmussen
COPENHAGEN -- Did Mary Elizabeth Donaldson pass the most limelighted examination of the Scandinavian language that any person has ever gone through? Yes! Do they love each other? Yes! Is she made of the stuff that Queens are made of? Definitely!   Read More...

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