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edit ILL GWG; Llangothri - Thursday, 21 August 2003 -- NO AÞROFA FOR MENYN, SAYS GOVERNOR

The Rheithur for Menyn, Mr Cenydd mab Llawreint, has come under fire from nationalistic forces on Menyn once again as he has for the second time in a row denied that the Island's authorities are going to fund the creation of the Institute of Menyn, or Aþrofa an Fenyn, as eager patriots have already christened it. During the journalist packed press conference yesterday morning at the town hall, mab Llawreint read out the text of the press release, notwithstanding the protesters who unfurled a huge banner bearing the words Taw an Fenen y hjaiþ, taw an Fenen y henef - "Menyn has a language, Menyn has a soul".   Read More...

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