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edit BBC World News Service -- 24.03.2003 -- From: Do Ge GwongDung/Aleatoric Natal Agency of (R)evolutionary Canton (ANA(R)C); NEWSFLASH from the InfoWar Desk of Hugo Wolfgang Zang-Helbloem

Saturday Citizen-President Chang Hsueh-Liang stepped down from power citing the need to re-find/re-fine his personal connexion to the Tao of _Wu-wei_ ["effortless effort"] and "the Music of Nature." He has gone into an undisclosed mountain retreat where he is unreachable for further comment or communications. Reluctantly "with a heavy bittersweetness in my heart and spasmodic nervous farts in my brain," General-Strategist Hanuman Zhang has become the new Provisional Citizen-President.   Read More...

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