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edit BBC World News Service, East Asia Desk -- 22.03.2003 -- Autonomous Tao of Canton and Overseas Allies -- HUMAN INTEREST STORY from the InfoWar Desk of Hugo Wolfgang Zang-Helbloem, quoting and editing other journalistic and citizen-government sources:

In a colourful, modern Tao Ritual in the capital's Shaolin Temple, a pair chosen for their "hopeful, futuristic symbolic value" joined Citizen-President Chang Hsueh-Liang and General-Strategist Hanuman Zhang. A precocious, semi-feral female child of "undetermined-but-vaguely IndoEuroAsian heritage, approximately 9 years old" and her "little furry friend" - a chimpanzee named Ma-Lau Pang-Yau, liberated from an illegal East African animal research laboratory, who is surprisingly fluent in a mix-up of Chinese Sign Language and Gea-Mimo/World Sign-Language.   Read More...

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