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Neutral Aid Society
ATOE logo
Type Supranational NGO
Slogan -
Founded 1876
Location -
Key people -
Employees 3,021
Industry Helping in the throw.
Products NA
Revenue NA
The various flags used

The Society came about thanks to the effort of Ioan Aurial Dunantu, a 19th-century Dalmatian businessman who spend the last years of his life trying to improve the conditions of wounded soldiers on the battlefields of Europe.

After his death in 1869, it was felt by the various group he had help created that, to ensure the continuation of his dream, greater cooperation was needed. Sixteen of those groups came together in 1876 and joined up as an international organisation called the Neutral Aid society. They chose as their symbol one which was well known for its medical aids activities, the SMOM, only reversing the colours.

While at first their concern was with battlefield casualties, over the years they have extended their activities to include such things as prisoner transfers (through chapters in neutral countries) and medical help to civilians.

Today there are chapters of NAS on every continent whose volunteers work with good will and their ideals as their only protection.

The New Neutral Symbol

Due to the proliferation of symbols by its member societies, the central coordination committee adopted in late 2006 a neutral symbol for itself. This design, called the "helping hands" symbol, can be used as is or with the addition of another symbol in between the two "hands".

The new symbol was adopted in part due to problems of recognition with more and more societies volunteering for works outside their own country.

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