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A science fiction drama TV series produced by VoJo. The show enjoys a dedicated fan base and is being translated into many languages. The English title is "Lightning Bug". It portrays a harsher, dirtier, more imperfect and thus more life-like future than SV 2245.

The story follows the freelancing Xarveluc-class trade spaceship Sereindade ("Serenity") and its motley crew thrown together by fate in their daily struggle to make profit (by sometimes illegal, but not evil means), to stay hidden from malevolent authorities, to keep their ship running, or simply to stay alive.

Dramatis Personae

  • Captain Margoene "Mar" Reinaude: A disillusioned war veteran trying to forget the past by traveling the farthest reaches of space and living for the day. He doesn't open up to others a lot, but displays an exceptional dedication to the well-being of those under his command.
  • First Officer Zoé: Former soldier under Mar's command, she shares a fire-forged bond of trust with the captain, and tends to be the voice of reason when Mar's boyish enthousiasm takes over.
  • Pilot Lauve: Resident "funny guy" and pure-blooded civilian, Lauve is in many ways the polar opposite of Zoé. He also happens to be happily married to her.
  • Engineer Katarinskaja Li "Cali" Duchamps: Cheery-natured girl with an innate talent for all things technical with a not-so-secret crush on the doctor.
  • Doctor Simon Tam: Brilliant surgeon from the rich metropolitan center of the human domain who gave up his stellar career to free and hide his sister Flueme from a malignant secret service.
  • Flueme Tam: Exceptionally gifted girl suffering from serious neurological disorders ever since having been experimented upon by aforementioned malignant secret service. Recipe for trouble and, every once in a while, saving the day.
  • Mercenary Jonne Kopf: Simple-minded muscle who lovingly names his guns and stays loyal to whoever happens to be the higher bidder.
  • Companion Inara Serra: Registered traveling luxury concubine living in a rented shuttle aboard the Sereindade, affording some dearly needed respectability to the ship.
  • Shepherd Buohe: Priest and missionary, or so he says. Of all the undisclosed dark secrets of this crew, his might well be the darkest.
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