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A borough within Sednîr (New South Cambria), Laurentian Bay can trace its origins to an event which took place a world away.

Following the patoisant revolt in New Francy, it was decided to exile some of the leaders instead of creating martyrs by executing them. Although Louisianna would have accepted them, it was felt by the authorities that they might still prove a threat due to the proximity and that there was a good chance they would slip back in.

The Intendant thus looked for other countries (prefering those not too friendly toward republicans) who might accept them. A deal was eventually struck with the Cambrian colonial authorities whereby the expatriates would be sent as settlers to their australian colony (there was a shortage of skilled labour around that time). Because the transportation was to be permanent, they were allowed, as a humanitarian gesture, to bring their families with them. And so, it was a group of about 150 Laurentian speakers that moved to NSC. Although some of the second generation would have been allowed back into the Intendancy, a large number of laurentians stayed there and prospered (many opened bread shops for which the community is now famous for in the capital).

The dialect spoken localy has, over the years, aquired a large number of cambrianisms due to their isolation from the mainland. Nowadays, many in the younger generation speak little or no laurentian and although some efforts were made by community leaders to prevent assimilation, there is a real fear that within a few generations there might be no native speakers left in australasia.

One bright spot for the future were the efforts made by the current Neofrancian Consul for Australia. A Laurentian himself, he went out of his way to try and promote the area as a tourist destination and was instrumental in securing financing for a scholarship that allows a few local youth each year to go and study in the Intendancy.

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