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The Konstantinoupolis Imperial Zoo is located right next to the Imperial Palace of Konstantinoupolis. Created in 362 CE, it survived to this day. Today the zoo features Emperor Constantine's own, invite-only menagerie and has been home to many parties, the next one to be the Harvest Festival Party on October, 31st. It is home to Constantine's various pets. Stavros a gift from Ethiopia, was a half lion-half black leopard who lives there and has been seen in palace on days of leisure with the Emperor. He lives with a group of 4 lionesses, one being pregnant. A particularly big bear from Alyeska, 2 headed snake from ParanĂ¡, and a peguin from Zhong Nanjizhou are to name a few. The descendants of the royal dogs, horses, and pheasants kept by the past emperors live there as well. Besides dozens of animals, it houses hundreds of plant species.

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