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José Olivier Murillo (1929-1996) was a native of Jamaica. He was born to a Haytian mother and a Florido-Cruzan father. Dissilusioned by the imperialism of the Floridian government, Murillo removed to Charlotte Amalia and was attracted by other Caribbean intelligensia. He is considered one of the greatest thinkers and writers produced in mid century Cruzan Islands, and was a 'founding father' of the avant garde Nordicalypso literature evolving in the Cruzans during the 1950s. A constant agitator for Cruzan independence, Murillo was a staunch Nordicalypso - a person with "one's feet firmly planted in the Nordic while the heart and spirit are free to roam Hispanicity". His "Yo Soy Vestfirskr" (1956, under the pen name Jomó) was a definitive statement on the nature of the new amalgamted culture evolving in the Cruzans.

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