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Iu Chin-ioñ (柳蔯蓉) was the viceroy of the Micronesian Confederation from Saisei 38 Itxigaçu 1 (January 31, 1989) to Gacudai 2, Djùsañgaçu 6 (January 31, 2005). He was the third viceroy, and the first Corean to have this position. In Saisei 43 (1994), he approved an amendment to the Treaty of Confederation giving each member-state the right to print money (formerly that right had been held by the Confederation as a whole).

After Kanawiki declared Empress Gacudai of Japan ineligible for the High Throne, Mr. Iu acted quickly to ensure that the Micronesian Confederation would accept her. On Gacudai Gannen, Gogaçu 19 (June 23, 2004), all but the Confederation of Kalolina issued a decree acknowledging the Emperor as High Queen. Kalolina followed suit 13 days later after Iu agreed to call a convention to ammend the Treaty of Confederation, dissolving Kalolina, and, in its place, recognizing the 4 new member-states of the Kingdom of Yap, the Kingdom of Chuuk, the Kingdom of Pohnpei, and the Kingdom of Kosrae.

Iu was succeeded by ????

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