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Iewan Dui (1527-1608), or John Deva, Comroig natural philosopher. His education took him to the continent, where he lectured in Paris. During his travels he met the Batavian map maker Mercator. In his later life he would use this shared knowledge to encourage the Merchant Adventurers of Kemr to seek out the mythical North-West Passage. It was never found, but these explorations lead to Kemrese settlements in North America, most famously Castreleon New, originally a Batavian settlement.

He was equally interested in the supernatural as well as the physical world. At various times in his life he delved into Hermetic philosophy, astrology, alchemy, and communing with angels. At one point he was arrested and interrogated by church authorities, but was eventually released. He chose discretion as the better part of valour and found it in a visit to the Court of Bohemia.

After his return to Kemr he was appointed to tenure at the University of Castreleon where he remained until his death.

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