Fujian, Taiwan and Hainan

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Hok-kiàn Tâi-oân Hái-lâm Ông-kok
Kingdom of Fujian, Taiwan and Hainan
Conventional short name:
Local: 福建臺灣海南
Hok-kiàn Tâi-oân Hái-lâm
English: Fujian, Taiwan and Hainan
State flag of Fujian, Taiwan and Hainan
 Official: Hokkien
 Others: Hakka, Wu, Hainanese, Hokchew, Taiwanese Aboriginal languages

Fujian, Taiwan and Hainan (Often abbreviated as Futainan) are a Federal Kingdom, with an elected monarch. The Federal government has very little power outside of foreign affairs, at least not since 1959, when the individual governments were created. The Kingdom has close relations with its closest neighbours, Shanghai, Canton and Nanchang, and forced unification with Meizhou, in all but name. It has a reputation of cooperation with the west, and it has a very large manufacturing industry, home to the manufacturing bases of many western companies.



North (of Fujian): Shanghai.
North (of Hainan): Canton.
West (of Fujian): Nanchang.
Southwest (of Fujian): Meizhou.
South and East: South China Sea.

Air Force roundel
Navy ensign
Royal standard
State ensign
Customs ensign
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