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Free scientific zone (FSZ) is a concept created by the Samogitian leadership during the Samogitian revival. It is similar to free economic zones; while in free economic zones specific companies has to pay less taxes, in the free scientific zones there are less restrictions on scientific studies. Generally, this permits many otherwise controversial experiments such as cloning of humans. Additionally, research in the free scientific zones is permitted to be completely secret (with certain exceptions). These exceptions of laws will be applicable for companies established in FSZs for 25 years after their establishment.

The establishment of free scientific zones is meant to help the University of Modern Sciences to attract good proffessors and students, as well to attract research companies which would then employ the students and graduates of this university. The FSZs did indeed fulfilled these goals in many cases.

The establishment of the free scientific zones was a compromise between liberals and other political powers as the liberals wanted to relax various regulations on scientific research in whole area of Samogitia. However, this was not possible to decide on the provincial level, while the provincial seimai has the possibility to grant various exempts of laws based on the locality of institution.

Critics of the concept believe that many undesirable experiments might be conducted in those zones, such as expermients with human beings without their consent - the Samogitian liberals however claim that this particular research would still be illegal as the laws against abduction, illegal imprisonment, injuring and so on are not relaxed in the free scientific zones. The threat of some foreign country doing a military research in these zones is real however, but, according to the proponents of the FSZs it is unlikely to happen or unlikely to be a real threat.

Currently several FSZs exist in Samogitia. The first ones to be established (in 1999 and 2000 respectively) are the one to the west of Kaunas and the one where University of Modern Sciences stands.

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