Evangelic Church in Kemr

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The oldest continuous Protestant denomination in Kemr. The first Protestant Chapel was founded in 1578. It has always been a minority church. It was not until 1920 that the Evangelic Church was recognised as a national church, alongside the Catholic Church in Kemr; and worthy of support under Kemrese Church Tax legislation.

Its ecclesial governance follows a reformed Calvinist model of courts. Local churches are united into District Meetings. The national body of the church is the Council, which meets yearly. Between the annual meetings the President acts as the spokesperson for the national church. The President (a minister of the Evangelic Church) and the Vice-President (a lay member) are elected by the Council with consultations with the District Meetings.

The theology of the Evangelic Church in Kemr is middle-of-the-road traditionalism. It has a strong social concern, especially for social services and advocacy for minorities. In the latter part of the twentieth century evangelical groupings have emerged in the church. Church statistics place the active membership at 60 000 persons.

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