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The Estates General is the name given to elected representative of New Francy. It is divided into 3 chambers each containing representatives elected by a different segment of the population:

1st chamber: elected by the nobility
2nd chamber: elected by the clergy
3rd chamber: elected by the gentry

While the number of representatives (called "deputés") is fixed in the 3rd chamber (75), the number in the other 2 chambers is based on the total population belonging to that particular class divided by the smallest number of vote received by a winning canditate from the 3rd chamber at the previous election. The chambers meet separatly except for the first and last session of the year.

Each mandate last for exactly 5 years (the election take place in summer). The Intendant has the power to disolve the estates before the end of the mandate.

The main role of each chambers is the creation of a Ledger of Requests ("cahier de doléances") which contain complaints and suggestion. All 3 ledgers are handed in to the Chamber of Patricians during the last session of the year for comments.

The Chamber of Patricians is not considered part of the estates and its role is to ensure that the best interests of the Intendancy are maintained. Requests it receives can be either "recommanded" (sent to the Intendant for adoption) or "decommanded" (rejected). A request made by all 3 chambers however cannot be decommanded unless it breaches the organic laws.

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