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Description: An espingol is a Scandinavian technology and invention for the delivery of projectiles whether for military or civilian use.

An espingol consists of one or more main barrels. Smaller-diameter barrels, loaded with between 16 to 32 projectiles, are inserted, like a modern magazine clip, into the larger diameter main barrels. A propellant load is located between the projectiles.

Conventional Espingols: In conventional espingols, the propellant of the outermost projectile is ignited by a fuse. The propellant of the next projectile is then ignited, when the first projectile was discharged. The third when the second is discharged. And so on. Once the first projectile is discharged, all the other projectiles will then follow at regular intervals. When all the projectiles is discharged, the empty inner barrel is then extracted and replaced by a new, fully loaded barrel, just as one removes a magazine clip.

Espingols thus provides a means whereby objects, such as bullets that have been tightly grouped in multiple barrel containers, can be stored, transported in and fired from those same containers. These barrel containers can be grouped in any configuration, to meet any particular application.

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Modern Espingols: Modern espingols are fired electronically. They work like bubblejet printers, where the espingol battery is the ink cartridge and the ammunition is the ink. This setup allows the projectiles to be selectively fired, rather than being fired in groups as in conventional espingols. Modern espingols can achieve electronically variable burst rates of fire, from conventionally slow to an excess of one million rounds per minute.

The variable rate of fire, multi-barrel, multi-calibre capabilities of modern espingols has potential for numerous military and civilian applications, ranging from small arms to heavy calibre. A single espingol battery, with multiple barrels of different calibres, can have multiple functions all in one battery, including:

  • anti-missile systems
  • vehicle and ship defenses
  • area denial systems
  • shell delivering systems
  • fire-fighting systems
  • fireworks
  • precision agricultural chemical distribution

Soldiers of the Scandinavian Realm are no longer armed with conventional assault rifles or guns, but with individual espingol combat weapons.

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