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  • The citizens of the Monastic Republic are mainly of Greek origin. Most of them are descendants of refugees from Turkey. There is also a sizable population of Lebanese origin, refugees from Lebanon. There has been some immigration from other parts of Europe, but it is kept to a minimum. Non-citizens may not live in the Monastic Republic.
  • The Orthodox monks of the Greek monasteries are virtually all from Greece, but the monks of the national monasteries have come from their respective countries.
  • Monastic Republic nationality
    • A person whose father or mother is a citizen of the Monastic Republic at his birth is a citizen of the Monastic Republic by descent.
    • Merely being born in the territory of the Monastic Republic does not confer citizenship.
    • Every child who is found within the Monastic Republic and the whereabouts of whose parents are unknown is, until the parents of the child are traced, deemed to be a citizen of the Monastic Republic by descent.
    • Any man who enters the novitiate in any one of the twenty monasteries becomes a citizen of the Monastic Republic.
    • The acquisition of citizenship of the Monastic Republic by a foreign national is regulated by Law.
  • Census of 2005
    • The census figures are obtained from the registers that are kept by the townships and the monasteries.
    • The name of every citizen and of every monk is recorded with the following details:
      • Register number
      • Date of birth or dates of birth and naturalization
      • Place of birth
      • Birthplace of parents
      • Complete address and telephone number
      • Marital status; date and place of marriage
      • Date and place of divorce, if applicable
      • Occupation at time of census
      • If a farmer, crops they grow
      • Annual income
    • The census of 2005 recorded
      • 7,243 citizens in Prosforion, of whom 194 were naturalized,
      • 5,280 citizens in AktĂ­, of whom 449 were naturalized,
      • 984 citizens in Ammouliani.
      • 4,621 monks in the twenty monasteries.
    • Giving a grand total of 18,128 citizens.
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