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Fundamentalism takes a variety of forms in IB. Mostly, the expression is in terms of nationalism: Kemr for the Chomro sort of thing as preached by Cos Nustr. Religious fundamentalism does exist, but is squeezed out by rampant pluralism, football and, in many parts of Europe, religious apathy.

Some Questions on the Issue

I'm assuming overall fundamentalism isn't quite as extreme there as it is here (in IB in general)?

Not necessarily. There are more and less enlightened areas and times - just like here.

It's well known that Catholics in 19th century Kemr were urged to resist the invasions of that "Foreign Satanism" that is known as La Cravithyck (Armorican Paganism). Some certainly did; but most people welcomed the missionaries.

Southern Kemr, especially in the ports, already had long standing communities of Moslems, Jews, Byzantines, Romans and Miscellaneous Others.

I figure about 65% of Dumnonians that claim religions other than "Rugby", "Futbal", "Jeday" or "Nullum", are Cambriese Church members; 15% are Crevithyck; 4% are Roman Catholic; 7% are Jewish; 7% are Moslem; the remainder are Other (Native American, African and Asian; Constantinapolitan Orthodox; Buddhist, etc.).

Dumnonian Catholics tend to be a little more traditional than the national average; and there are certainly some fundamentalist organisations amongst them. For the most part, though, they're aimed at Catholicism, not at others.

What other kinds of Fundamentalism are there in Ill Bethisad?

There's certainly a fair amount national fundamentalism. Kemr for example has its "Cambria for the Comro" folks. Since Kemr is a powerful country and their "ethnic group" is in power, they can't be agitating against the power structure the way Cos Nustr does; their struggle is against foreign invaders, and they'd like to see the English pushed off the map at Canterbury at gunpoint if need be.

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While fundamentalism doesn't have a strong hold in Europe, the disputed territory of Deseret is populated by so-called Mormon Fundamentalists.


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