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The Cerda Ynterynysol de'n Adwedyta, the Inter-Island Collective for Things which are Sent, is the Armorican Isles's postal and telecommunications collective. The collective is unique among Arvorec cerdas, as being the only one to be significantly controlled by the Seanad as well as its members. Today they are primarily concerned with mail collection and delivery, phones and the bycopel network, although until 1972 the CYA was also responsible for the Arvorec television service (which is today managed by the CYP, the Cerda Ynterynysol an Peldherchyth)

Armorican Postcodes

Postcodes from the Isles follow the following format: II-00-II, where I represents letters and 0 numbers. The first two letters represent the Island: CE for Ceasaer, SA for Saern, RY for Rydon and SE for Serch. The smaller islands are counted under the postcode area of the nearest larger island (e.g. Ynys Lárec falls under the SA code). The next two numbers represent the number code for the individual bro (these are assigned randomly):


01 Caer Vorron
02 Dwyvren Gwercham
03 Hygelchon
04 Mornant Claear
05 Dyvren Arwelch
06 Landrewan
07 Mornant Gogleth
08 Dyvren Gwalch
09 Mydhlon
10 Caer an Ry
11 Cegendyr
12 Morfen Rodhel


21 Glyblon
22 Porth Bychan
23 Porth Belen
24 Caer Aeroc
25 Nywdhon
26 Nantraen
27 Cead Ellaeneth
28 Tallemarch
29 Mornant Caregeth
20 Treaf an Govael

Rydon, Serch and Gosaera

31 Cavylthon
32 Mornant Geadaw
33 Serch
34 Serch Vychan
35 Gosaera
36 Caethw
37 Brychaen
38 Báreyn
39 Ynys Lárec
30 Casaereth

The final two letters indicate the cantref, which is a group of 100 houses (a subdivision which is only used for census purposes, aside from the post-code useage. Thus, the postcode of the Gorth an Bredavon in Ceasaer is CE-06-PZ, and that of the Nevyd Talchan is SA-39-NN. However, bearing all of the above in mind, it should be noted that many Arvorchedeth don't bother with postcodes- reasoning that the mail will get there eventually. This causes much chagrin to the CYA, but the mail does generally end up where it's supposed to be.

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