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Prior to his nomination to the post of Observateur Presidentiel, André Bullant was a largely obscure haut fonctionnaire, employed at the Ministry of Local Liberties prior to his requisition to the Elysée itself. Bullant is a Normand, and is reputed to have gone to school with the former Presidential Envoy to Bretagne, Jean-Marc Grandsire. Bullant's ancestry does trace its roots back to the region of Bretagne and he is reputed to have learned some Brehonecq during his youth. It is suggested that his Cornois extraction made him a prime candidate for this post.


Being a Normand, many political analysts suggest that M. Bullant may share the traditional feeling of the province, that of favoring decentralization. He is reputed by close associates to be an honest person not given to mischief or schemes. As has been seen through his tenure as Observateur, he has stuck precisely to his official mandate from President Chirac. The mandate creating Bullant's position was to have expired in 2004, however, this was renewed and extended until June of 2006. As part of his mandate, he has been tasked with reviewing all archives, observing all administrations, whether official or not, and observe how they work. He has no power to force people to do anything unless they refuse his presence as an official observer of the President of France.

By special act of the parliament, Bullant's mandate was again extended until June of 2008, where his final report will be given to the Parliament regarding Brittany.

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