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This article is adapted from Xliponian for Travellers, published by the Institut Lingistic Bovlai (Bovlai Institute of Linguistics), the authoritative organ for the Xliponian language.

Pointed brackets < > show plural forms.

Basic Words and Expressions

Yes Iça you (sg.) çu
No Non you (pl.) bos
Thank you Crassui1 one (impersonal pron.) om
Thank you very much Pene crassui he to
You're welcome Roco she la
Please Craçie they li
Excuse me2 Benia What is your name? Homot es bohut?
Excuse me3 Haiso Nice to meet you Cautio noqer çe <bos>
Hello Abe, Qau4 How are you? Homot est saul çei <bosser>?
Goodbye Bali<t>, Qau4 good / well poun / pene
Welcome Pemmenut bad maul
Come in Increti<t> so-so motihe
Good morning Pouna mana, 'Na mana wife uqor
Good afternoon Pouna besra, 'Na besra husband hoinuq
Good evening Poun noq, 'N noq daughter vilia
Good night Poun sofor, 'N sofor son vil
I do not understand Non inçeleco mother maçr
How do you say this in...? Homot tiqes <tiqenn> ete in...? father façr
Do you speak...? Louhes...? friend amih
English Anclic When? Hanno?
Brithenig Hampric Why? Hur?
French Callic Who? Hi?
German Cermanic Where? Upi?
Spanish Haqilic Whither? Honam?
Wenedyk Wenedic What? Hu?
I eco How? Homot?
we nos Help! Auqil!
Where is the bathroom? Upi est palinaur?

1 < Crauç sui
2 asking for permission
3 asking for forgiveness
4 < qanno (< L scando "I go / come up")

Numbers [and Ordinals]

zero nul sixteen seqteh [seqtehim]
one on [frim] seventeen sefteh [seftehim]
two tou [sehonn] eighteen toutebicinn [toutebicesim]
three çers [çert] nineteen ontebicinn [ontebicesim]
four hautor [haurt] twenty bicinn [bicesim]
five henc [hinn] twenty-one bicinn ac on [bicesim frim]
six seq [seqet] thirty çircinn [çercesim]
seven seft [seftim] forty hautarcinn [hautorcesim]
eight ohto [ohtab] fifty hencacinn [hencesim]
nine nou [noun] sixty seqacinn [seqecesim]
ten teih [tehim] seventy seftacinn [seftecesim]
eleven onteh [ontehim] eighty ohtocinn [ohtocesim]
twelve touteh [toutehim] ninety nouacinn [noucesim]
thirteen çerteh [çertehim] one hundred henn [hençesim]
fourteen hautorteh [hautortehim] one thousand mil [milesim]
fifteen henteh [hentehim] one million milion [milionesim]

Shopping and Dining

How much does this cost? Hot est freiç? bread fain
What is this? Hu est ete? beverage foçio
I'll buy it Gabo emer ete coffee covi
I would like to buy... Bolo emer... tea çea
Do you have...? Gabes...? juice suh
I need... Rehiro... water acua
How is it called? Homot est bohut? beer herbisa
I do [not] want it [Non] bolo wine bin
I can[not] [Non] foso salt sail
Do you accept credit cards? Aqetas harçe a credit? pepper fifr
open aferç meat haur
closed hlaus beef haur a poib
postcard harça fostal pork haur a sus
stamps sicili fish fiq
a little farb poultry haur a aib
a lot mux vegetable olu
all çot fruit vruç
breakfast inçahul potato patata
lunch frainn salad salata
dinner hena dessert efitfin
Cheers! Abbiça! ice cream claih
Please bring the bill Craçie aforçi suma


Where is...? Upi est...? underground station çaç a metro
How much is the fare? Hot est çaqa? departure apiço
ticket qetula arrival aqeus
One ticket to..., please Ouna qetula ad..., craçie car rental agency fraisit a lohaçie a auto
Where are you going? Honam eçes? parking qaçio
Where do you live? Upi gapiças? hotel gosfiç
train veurihura room hupihul
bus bus reservation serbaçie
underground metro Are there any vacancies for tonight? Sunn giauçi te-noq?
aerodrome airiforç No vacancies Sin giauç
train station veuriçaç passport sincrauv, pasport
bus station çaç a bus


right teqera far frohul
left laiba near froif
ahead voronn long lonc
back reçor short preib
up ad sufra map harça
down ad invra Tourist Information Informaçie Turistic
North Siqenno East Orient
South Mirito West Oqitent


post office fraisit a fost street bia
museum museu square flaçea
bank banc mountain monn(an)
police station fraisit a folis hill hoil
hospital nosohoum valley bail
chemists, pharmacy varmahia ocean mar
shop, store ovihina lake lauh
restaurant haufona river vulbi
school qola swimming pool fiqina
church, synagogue, temple ehleis, sinagoga, çempl tower çur
restrooms palinauri bridge fonn

Time and Dates

What time is it? Hot est gora? April Afril
07:13 çerteh a ohtaba May Mai
03:15 henteh a haurta June Iuin
11:30 seim a toutehima July Iuil
13:45 henteh ann hautortehima August Aucuç
day ti September Seftemmer
week sefçiman October Oqoper
month mens November Nobemmer
year aun December Tehemmer
Sunday Tomeniti Spring Ber
Monday Luniti Summer Aiças
Tuesday Mairçiti Autumn Auçunn
Wednesday Merhuiriti Winter Giem
Thursday Iobiti yesterday geri
Friday Beneiriti today gotie
Saturday Sapaç tomorrow hars
January Ianuair birthday ti-naçal
February Vepruair Happy birthday! Ti-naçal veliq ad çi <bos>!
March Mairç