Wolf Brotherhood

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Qasqır Baurlaşlığı
Brotherhood of the Wolf
Wolf Brotherhood.PNG
Nation Turkestan
Founded 1992
Headquarters Aşgabat, Türkümänistan
Current Membership NUMBER OF MEMBERS
Representation 1/588
Key People Şapar Aqniät-ulı (founder),
Yörük Gayrat-ulı (current leader)
Political Outlook Extremist imperial pan-Turkist party

The Brotherhood of the Wolf ("Qasqır Baurlaşlığı") are a militantly pan-Turkist political group in Turkestan.

Ideology of the Party

The Wolf Brotherhood believe that the manifest destiny of the Turkic peoples, and in particular those of Turkestan, is to rebuild the "glorious empire of Greater Turkestan". Pan-Turkist political parties are a small but growing presence in modern Turkestani politics, and the Brotherhood of the Wolf are one of the most militant and vociferous of these.

They believe in the establishment of a single-party nationalist regime paralleling the SNOR, which will lead their people on to glory, and they favour the immediate incorporation into Turkestan of Russian Qazaqstan. This, they believe, should be followed by a unification with the other Turkic states (Uyguristan, Azerbaijan, Turkey, the Moghul National Realm and Mongolia*, together with the other Turkic constituent republics of the Russian Federation. In practice, this "unification" seems to amount to little more than annexation.

*Mongolia has been reinvented by the Wolf Brotherhood as a Turkic state "based on the historical unity of Turk and Mongol under the Turk, Genghis Khan".

The resulting Turkic superstate should then wage wars of conquest against its neighbours, notably China, Persia and the remainder of Russia. The object of this is to reunite all previously Turkish territories into one world-spanning "Greater Turkestan", taking in all the lands once belonging to the Mongol, Timurid, Mughal and Ottoman empires and stretching from Beijing in the east to the gates of Vienna in the west, and from the borders of Muscovy in the north to Tunis and India in the south.

The beliefs and sense of Turkic manifest destiny of the Wolf Brotherhood are the creation of its founder and leader Şapar Aqniät-ulı, whose book "The Seventh Empire" laid out the ideological framework of this particular brand of pan-Turkic nationalism. According to the book, the six preceding empires, representing the great Turkic empires of the past, are the Kök Türki, the Seljuk sultanate, the empires of Genghis Khan and Timur, the Mughals under Babur, and the Ottoman Empire. The seventh, and final, empire, is supposed to be a union of all of these empires into one (see above).

Tajiks and the Wolf Brotherhood

Tajiks are suspect in the Wolf Brotherhood's ideology; as non-Turks they are a potential if not actual fifth column within the Turkic state, and the State "should deal with them appropriately" . Certain statements made by Aqniät-ulı imply that what he thinks is "appropriate" is the rounding up of all Tajiks into labour brigades where they can work for the good of their Turkish betters, and the repopulation of Tajikistan with citizens of Turkic stock. Many of the current problems of Turkestan are laid at the feet of the Tajik population, the rest are due to a conspiracy of foreign interests who wish to prevent the destined rise of Greater Turkestan. Particular emphasis is placed on the neighbouring non-Turkic nations Persia and Russia, but by extension, this conspiracy includes the business interests of Western nations too, and recent statements of the Wolf Brotherhood leadership have included the new regime in Greece, in light of belligerent noises made by some of its junior government officials against "our brother nation, Turkey".

Tajik political commentators have repeatedly called for the criminalisation of the Wolf Brotherhood, but so far there has been little to no progress in that area.

Observers in the surrounding nations, as well as others concerned about the growth of political extremism, are reported to be keeping a close watch on the Brotherhood of the Wolf. So far, the party is still small and marginal, but its ideology is such that it warrants close scrutiny.

Turkic Wolves Organisation

The Wolf Brotherhood also runs a uniformed organisation, the Turkic Wolves, which was headed by Yörük Gayrat-ulı until the recent murder of the Wolf Brotherhood's founder-leader Şapar Aqniät-ulı. The Wolf Brotherhood compares the Turkic Wolves organisation to such childrens' organisations as the Junior Foresters, saying that the only difference is that the Turkic Wolves organisation is for adults, not children. Other commentators see the Turkic Wolves as a dangerous paramilitary organisation and a front for criminal activities.