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Photo of Mme le Maire from a book jacket.

Victorine le Maire (née Tourain) was born 11 Nivôse CLXXXII (1 January 1974). She is an Louisiannan author, known for her mystical romance series The Chronicle. The Chronicle novels have sold over 40 million copies worldwide, with translations into 53 different languages around the globe. A film adaptation of La Soirée to be released as Eventide is planned for release on 1 Frimaire CCXVIII (22 November, 2009) in Paris-sur-Mizouri and Castreleon New. Mme. le Maire has also written another novel called "Le Visiteur".

Personal Life

Mme le Maire was born in Florissant, Saint-Louis, to Etienne and Camille Tourain. She grew up in central Nouvelle Cournouaille, near the Tejas border with her four siblings: Seth, Emile, Jacques, and Heidi. She attended The College of Joseph and Brigham in Provost, Alpes-Rocheuses, where she received a baccalaureat in Literature in 1995. Mme le Maire is a member of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,and met her husband Chrétien, nicknamed "Lucky Luc", when she was growing up in central Nouvelle Cournouaille. She married him in 1994. Together they have three children: Seth, Jocelyn, and Eli.

The Chronicle

Mme le Maire states that the idea for the series came from a dream she had. The dream is contained in chapter 15 of La Soirée (Eventide). She then reflected on the characters and wrote the story so as to build up to, contain, and move on from the dream. When asked about the gradually increasing influence of Ecotopic ideas in the novels as they progress to Aurore (Daybreak), Mme le Maire says simply, "It's part of the zeitgeist these days. It's hard not to bring up the legends that the native Americans have told since long before we Europeans came-legends that speak of caring for the Earth." When asked of her own political leanings, Mme le Maire smiles and says, "that doesn't really matter for the story. I told the story from the point of view of these characters who lived close to the border with Oregon, who were influenced by the native American views on the Earth and caring for it."

Other Works

One of Mme le Maire's short stories was published in Cortèges Infernales, a collection of stories about bad experiences at youth dances with supernatural effects. Other authors who contributed to this collection are Madelaine Cabot, Michele Jaffe, and Laure Myracle. Cortèges Infernales was released in April 2007.

In May 2008, "Le Visiteur", was released by the post-18 division of Éditions St-Julien, S.A..