Valtr a Qant

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The Xliponian author of the daily comic strip The Adventures of Dr Imbécilis, published in the newspaper Hibiçait, allegedly a parody on the Mapukra's doings. It was full of action and espionage, making exaggerated use of frames containing only sound effects and connecting words like And..., But..., Then... and so on. Dr Imbécilis - a shadowy figure in coat and hat, smoking a pipe and shooting wildly - was the boss of the organisation. Valtr Marquis of Qant in Meirç province has been missing for some years - yet another sign that the secret organisation may not be wholly extinct.

Mapukra non fertona! - The Mapukra does not forgive!

Sketch of a comic strip by Valtr a Qant (Dr Imbécilis in the 3rd frame)