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Jan Havliš
Name in Bohemian: Höns Kauliš
Name in Nassian: Anu Anikku Kalinakku
Nicknames: that many et ad infinitum nauseamque
 Date: dies primus Saturnaliae, 2723 ab Urbe condita
 Place: Pryn, Sýt Mérän
Place of residence: Nepofít, Sýt Mérän, Bohemia
Profession: scientist and educator
Natural languages: Czech, Moravian, Slovak, English, German, Russian and Spanish; pokin' into many other langs, but with faaar less fluency
Constructed languages: Arkian, Nassian, Ceindian, Bohemian, Neid Hen llinge, Dzinnian, Nosphian and Zoggian
IB Related Infos: No. 26 on The List


More on my personal web page: ark(dot)wz(dot)cz

My interests in IB world... well:

major interests: Bohemian Kingdom and Nassland

minor interests (not by importance): Hungary, Austria, HRE, Baltic League, Great Wars (First Great War, Second Great War)