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Fransesk Valesku, No. 7 on The List, a citizen of Dalmatia and Oregon, presently residing in Quanzhou, Fujian. Investor in the Gloria Agram ice hockey club, the first of its kind in Dalmatia proper, travelling to Oregon occasionally to recruit players from there and elsewhere in North America for the newly-formed Dalmatian league. He travels often to Africa to represent Dalmatian interests in the region and is considered one of Dalmatia's leading experts on the history of Dalmatophone Africa.

IRL of course I'm Ferenc Valoczy, citizen of Hungary and Canada, presently residing in Quanzhou, China. :)

To-Do List

Bring Dalmatian/dalmatophone country stuff in line with the wiki standards.

Expand above where needed.

Add Tesla to the Famous People list!

Work on former French Congo stuff.

What else?