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Name in Dalmatian Ksenia-Eloxia Kutyer
Name in Hungarian Kutyér Kszénia
Name in Croatian Ksenia Kuťer
Name in Quanzhou Minnan 高新芽 (Gou Sin-nga "New sprout")
Name in Mandarin 高新芽 (Gao Xinya)
Name in Icelandic Ksenia Ferencardóttir
Name in Brzhonegh Yksenja Kutjer
Name in Montreiano Xenia Cutier (??)
Name in Castilian Ksenia Cutier (??)
Name in Brithenig Xenia Cutier (??)
Birthdate March 27, 1976
Birth Place Vancouver, Oregon
Current Residence New Westminster, Oregon
Former Residences Carpinteria, Montrei; Majia (Quanzhou), FuTaiNan; Budapest, Hungary; Las Vegas, Alta California
Member Number 7
In charge of Dalmatia
New Dalmatia
all other full members of the Community of Dalmatophone States
New Iceland, NAL
Caretaker of Maybe Carolina, NAL, partially?, unclaimed Balkans
Other duties Railways
Tesla technologies