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What is Ananaso?

Ananaso is the Esperanto word for pineapple.

Wherefore Ananaso?

The word was adopted by Ananaso as his Internet moniker in the late twentieth century. For the record, Ananaso is not a fan of pineapples, as he finds them rather sour in taste. He chose the word for its euphony, rather than symbolism.

Who is Ananaso?

Ananaso is also known as Dafon y Ddon in Brithenig, lucky No. 13 on The List, and is the creator of Wessish. He lives in Greater Castreleon, or would if he lived in Ill Bethisad, because Cardiff *here* would be enveloped into Castreleon *there*. When not conlanging, Ananaso enjoys politics, eating cheeseburgers, reading, and studying languages, both natlangs and conlangs.

Ananaso's Ill Bethisad Interests

Having created the Wessish language, and plonked it down right in the middle of the south coast of the Federated Kingdoms by laying claim to the Isle of Wight, Ananaso naturally holds those as his Ill Bethisad interests. Politics is a minor interest, as a committed member of the Isle of Wight's Conservative Party *there*.

He also has an interest in Tocharian *here*, but can't afford the expensive books on Tocharian from [] to be able to jump in and help develop Tocharstan's language. Tocharian remains an interest, but only as a fringe interest at the moment.

Goes off mumbling: Bloody Amazon, they always make the interesting books the most expensive, and they put the pulp like "The Da Vinci Code" cheap, because they've got their priorities wrong. I wish they'd have discounts on decent and interesting books.