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University of Łódź
University of Łódź Logo
Local Language(s) Venedic Uniwersytać Łodziana; Lithuanian Universitas Lodziensis
Established May 24, 1950
Location Łódź, Republic of the Two Crowns
Enrollment 40 150
Rector Wilem Puszany
Address Przewia Rzeże Głorzanu III 65
90-131, Łódź
Republic of the Two Crowns
Phone +(48 42) 63 54 000
CEEPUS, European University Association, Association of European Schools of Planning
Łódź in the RTC
Łódź in the RTC

The University of Łódź was founded May 24, 1950, in Łódź, as a continuation of the achievements and traditions of educational institutions functioning in Łódź in the interbellum - the Teacher Training Institute (Instytut Jedykacenie Docorzór) (1921-1928), the Higher School of Social and Economic Sciences (Szkoła Sprzerza Szczęcar Soczałar i Ekonomicar) (1924-1928) and a division of the Free Venedic University (Uniwersytać Liwra Wenedzie) (1928-1939). With a series of large donations by the Holy Roman Empire over the years as reparations for the bombing of Łódź, the University of Łódź has flourished, and is among the more respected universities in Europe.

The University of Łódź is one of the study abroad destinations for college students the world over, hosting the Linguistics Institute (Instytut Linguistica), a highly reputable language training school.

Currently it has more than 40 000 students and 3827 teachers.


  • Biology and Environmental Protection
  • Economics and Sociology
  • Philology
  • Philosophy and History
  • Physics and Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Geographical Sciences
  • Educational Sciences
  • Law and Administration
  • International and Political Studies
  • Management


Among the staff of the University of Łódź is the nationally known Żowan Sasomętany.

In Fiction

The University of Łódź was featured in Assassinat, a policier about the double assassination of Jean-François Young and the Empress Gacudai.