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Lyons-sur-Mizouri is Kansas City. BoArthur

I see you changed it to "Liberty" -- that's fine. Anyway, there's two Kansas Cities -- I thought I'ld just try to shanghai one of them and hoped no one would notice. Ah well! Will have to make a note on my Map.

MO is Mobile (NAL), not Misouri (USA). "Mississippi" no longer exists, as it was territory taken from Louisianne during The War (1828) and constitutes the present Louisianan department of St. Onge. If you want to give it back, that'ld be fine too! ;) "Baie St. Louis" is *here*'s Bay St. Louis, in Mississippi, which is *there*'s Mobile. I should work up a list of Post Codes for the provinces. [PB]

Name Changes and QSS

What's the reasoning behind the name changes? I think Marc's suggestion on the Tejas page stands here, too. BoArthur

The changes I made are compliant with QSS (assuming the names on the Tejas talk page are QSS); Nuevo Matamoros seems to be Brownsville, which IIRC is now named Resaca La Palma according to the Tejas talk page. Juan Martin Velez Linares 9:15, 2/3/2016 (CST)